Drop Info & FAQ’s

Wen Drop?


What do I get when minting?

Our collection is quite unique in the way the traits are laid out. although we have a collection of 10000 clowns, we have 6 main characters (Ada, Doh, Georgie, Ginge, Al Cardano, ZoZo). Our art is generated from the traits of each clown. We have thrown in some bonus traits too that aren’t specific to any clown character.

The 10000 number sounds high, but the variation within our clowns is quite vast too, along with the collectability of landing a clown with traits that match, and if you’re lucky bagging a perfect clown (where all traits match the same character type). Although a rarity chart is not currently available, one thing we can tell you is at least one trait from each of the clown characters is rare, some are more common.

What is the price?

We will be allowing the purchase of up to 10 NFT’s per Transaction (TX).

1 x NFT = 46 ADA
2 x NFT = 92 ADA
3 x NFT = 138 ADA
4 x NFT = 184 ADA
5 x NFT = 230 ADA
6 x NFT = 276 ADA
7 x NFT = 322 ADA
8 x NFT = 368 ADA
9 x NFT = 414 ADA
10 x NFT = 460 ADA

Who is the drop available to?

Everyone !

How Do I mint

We will post our minting address in 🍂|how-to-mint discord channel and on the homepage of our website https://cardanocarnival.io/

IMPORTANT – We will NEVER post our wallet address anywhere except the two places listed above… To avoid being scammed it is our recommendation to compare the address you plan to send ADA to with both sources to make sure they match up

You will be refunded automatically if you send the wrong amount of ADA or if you send ADA after minting has finished.

An OC is an “Original Clown” like an OG but as we don’t let gangsters into our carnival.

What do i get as on OC?

We have implemented three OC tiers:

OC100 – Clown Club Invite, Access to Pre Drops, Early access to drops, Exclusive Raffles

OC500 – Early access to drops, Exclusive Raffles

OC1000 – Exclusive Raffles

– Fun and interactive NFT project on the Cardano Blockchain
– Amazing roadmap with unique utility including mutation and gamification
– Clown club, purse dividend payouts, perks, raffles and prizes
– Great incentives for owning our artwork, holding and being an active community member
– Collaborations with other projects

Clown Club is an invite only club for our active and supporting community members. We use the clown club as a way to moderate our project, make joint project decisions and reward our most active and supporting members with a dividend payout.

Simply Get involved!
Earn XP by taking part, showing support on the discord server… If you’ve done something notable outside of discord. Show us some evidence and we will reward more XP.

Join our discord server here

We recommend using either the Daedalus, Nami or Yoroi wallets.

You can find them at the following links:
Daedalus Wallet
Yoroi Wallet
Nami Wallet