Meet the OC’s

(Original Clowns)

Carnival Name: Doh

Real Name: Dobby Mann

Age: 22

CarniSkill: Ballon Animals

Fave Film: Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho

Fave Food: Birthday Cake

Fave Weapon: Clown mallet or squirting flower

Found at the carnival at the age of 6 with a note pinned to his jacket that said “Please love, we just can’t” Doh was taken in by the Bearded Lady. Never a bright boy, it always seemed that Doh just wanted to have fun and that his idea of fun was always a little off. But it was always accepted and encouraged with a mother’s love.

You could tell at an early age that Doh was going to be a handful. There were always little things that followed Doh around, dead rat in the popcorn machine, sugar poured in the elephants water. In one instance a stilt walker found two dead children who were attending the show, locked in the lions cage and Doh sitting outside with that classic Doh look at the age of 10, no one ever suspected him. The carnival left town that night.

All the carnies that came through had a hand in raising Doh teaching him what they felt he needed to survive, giving him a variety of skills, but Doh always loved the simple things in life. Whether it be a cream pie filled with nails and broken glass to the face or a squirting flower filled with battery acid.

As an adult Doh never showed any interest in anything other than having fun. He loves hanging out in the shadows, under the grand stand, listening to the thrill of the crowd. He always enjoyed an “accidental” smashing with his clown mallet, making rude balloon animals, and a good scream.


Carnival Name: Al Cardano

Real Name: Alistair Cardone

Age: 64

CarniSkill: Runs the hussle, smoking punks and riding unicycle

Fave Film: The Godfather

Fave Food: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Fave Weapon: Tommy Gun


Al Cardano is the carnivals longest standing member. His father, a mob boss in the 20’s, started teaching Al the way of the the mob from a young age. Al took to the life like water off a ducks back, lapping up the power, the riches and the brutality he could cast to unruly mobsters and rival gangs. By the age of 18 he was running his own mob under the guidance of his dad. He was proving to be a ruthless and efficient gangster.

However, Al’s reign of power came to a sudden end. In his early 20’s he fell in love with Solana, the daughter of a rival mob boss. It was then he had to make the most difficult decision on his life, to ignore his heart and continue a life of crime or run, protecting himself and Solana from capture and certain death. His love for Solana was too strong, he couldn’t ignore it and they decided to run from the mob life.

They didn’t get far before running out of money and food. Starving and desperate for refuge, Al and Solana came across our carnival. We were only a small and new carnival at the time, so we were more than happy to welcome them in. Solana and Al lived a joyous life with the carnival for over 40 years before Solana sadly fell ill and passed away. Broken hearted, Al became bitter and angry. He regularly spends his days dreaming of the mob life and what life would hold for him if he made a different choice.


Carnival Name: ZoZo

Real Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

CarniSkill: Suprisingly… juggling. and of course eating carnies.

Fave Film: Unknown

Fave Food: Brains and lung meat

Fave Weapon: His mouth


The ringmasters of Cardano Carnival don’t know much about ZoZo. Whenever we ask him a question he groans and tries to eat us.

How he bacame a member of the undead is unbeknown to us, however based on his outfit and faint reminents of brightly coloured hair we could only assume he was once a carnie.

Our carnival has no discrimination over clowns, despite the fact ZoZo is a blood thirsty zombie clown, we let him into our family.

We’ve found if we feed him enough red meat regularly he calms down. Suprizingly ZoZo has retained some cognitive function!

Whether it’s just muscle memory, or deep down a faint glimmer of his soul in his fleshy mush of a body still lives on, if you give him juggling balls he’ll juggle, so we found a place for him in the carnival.


Carnival Name: Ginge

Real Name: Eli Jeffrey Hatchett

Age: 43

CarniSkill: Escape Artist & Scaring little children

Fave Film: I.T

Fave Food: None… He can only eat blended soup through his face staples and he hates soup!

Fave Weapon: Cleaver


Ginge (Born Eli Jeffrey Hatchett), as the name might suggest is a ginger clown, and as you may know gingers have no soul! Ginge was always a troubled boy! His parents were old school carnies and forced Eli into a life of clowning, but his childhood dream was to detach himself from carnie life and become a fashion designer.

This as you can imagine didn’t go down well in the carnival. Life of clowning wasn’t easy for him, and he grew resentful and bitter. In his early teens he’d had enough. One evening while he was being forced to practice juggling swords, he snapped! He wiped out the whole carnival, starting with his parents.

He spent his early adult life hunting down any carnie he could find, hopping from carnival to carnival to spread fear and distruction. The carnies he didn’t brutally kill, he mutilated by biting their noses and ears off. It was only a matter of time before he was caught and imprisoned. As punishment for his heinous crimes, the authorities stapled his mouth shut so he could never bite anyone again, locked him up and threw away the key! Years passed, and everyone had long forgotten about Ginge.

He had waited for years, patiently, to cease the right opportunity, and put his carnie escapism skills to good use (A trait taught to him by his only childhood friend). Free and ready to continue his spree, he joined an unsuspecting carnival who’s next stop was to the Cardano Metaverse!

Carnival Name: Georgie

Real Name: Felix Bobblethwait

Age: 22

CarniSkill: Piefacing and the never ending handkerchief

Fave Film: The Circus

Fave Food: Hot Dogs

Fave Weapon: Acid pie


Youngest of three brothers, Felix grew up in a typical suburban family. His father an accountant and mother, a stay at home mum, of him and his brothers. Felix was cherished with love and was always a happy boy. His parents were both very open and wanted their children to follow their dreams. When Felix was 12 he visited a traditional circus and found his destiny. All he thought about as a child was growing up to be a clown, spreading cheer and joy to children. He joined a circus at 16 as a back yard boy, running errands and learning the tricks of the trade from the more experienced clowns.

By the age of 18 he was living his dream as a clown, called Giggles. he loved pie facing and playing all the traditional clown tricks on his spectators. The kids loved him. He built quite a reputation as the most fun clown in the circus. Unfortunately, the circus went out of business leaving Giggles with no where to go. He hunted far and wide for a new circus when he came across the Cardano Carnival. Desperate for work, and despite his better judgement, he joined the carnival.

Everything was going smoothly, although the carnival was a little darker and more sinister than he’d have liked, his happiness and cheer still had a place at the Carnival. This changed the day Ginge joined the carnival. Ginge immediately saw an easy target in the poor harmless Giggles. One rainy cold winters evening Ginge performed a copy-cat homage to his favourite film I. T
Giggles heard a loud scream from what sounded like an innocent child, he rushed to help but found nothing more than a yellow rain coat and hat strewn in a puddle. As he was inspecting the raincoat, Ginge lept out of the storm drain and dragged him in, coat and hat following. He forced Giggles to wear the coat and hat and threatened “From now on you call yourself Georgie, and if you ever take this off, I’ll take your soul too!”

As Giggles returned to the carnival, a cold rush flew through his body as the saddened soul of Ginge’s victim possessed Giggles. He felt an overwhelming sense of sadness and anger. After months of fighting an internal battle between his happy, jovial nature and his possessors emotions he gave up and let them take over.

Carnival Name: Ada

Real Name: 011000010110010001100001

Age: 10.6 Epochs

CarniSkill: Yet to be discovered

Fave Film: Hackers

Fave Food: Strawberry Lovelaces

Fave Weapon: A.I.


The newest member of the Carnival, Ada is a true Cardonian. Unlike all the other clowns, who joined the carnival prior to it pitching up in the Cardano Metaverse. Ada was no more than a set of 1’s and 0’s floating around in the blockchain, looking for somewhere to fit in.

He tried to get into other NFT projects but no one would have him until the day the carnival came to town. As soon as they landed, pitched up and registered their policy ID’s in the Cardano ledger, Ada spotted them and knew he’d found his home. As soon as he was accepted into the carnival, he quickly rendered himself into a cool but quite sinister looking little sicko of a clown.

Fresh to carnival life, Ada has been learning from the other clowns in the carnival, and the ringmasters are using his origin as the first Cardonian in the carnival to help spread the word. What we do not yet know, is what a native Cardonian can bring to the carnival!