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Welcome to the Carnival Season 1

10,000 Radioactive clowns to mint. Come purchase your ticket from Ada and his friends


The Carnival Story so far..

Something Strange has happened at the Cardano Carnival. The carnival crew arrived at their next location, which unbeknown to them was an old nuclear testing facility. The future for the carnivals 6 clowns (Ada, ZoZo, Al Cardano, Ginge, Doh and Georgie) was grim.

After a long and hard day pitching up the big top ready for the opening night, Ada the clown and his clownies fell asleep under the stars. That night something astonishing happened!

The water supply they’d been using was tainted with nuclear waste and through some unfortunate miracle all 6 clowns started mutating and multiplying rapidly into 10,000 unique variations of themselves…

This was just the start of the crazyness to come at the Cardano Carnival.

To be continued ….

Why join the Carnival?

We believe in amazing art work and strong utility that not only makes the artwork more fun and interactive but helps with the popularity and capability of the Cardano Blockchain, thus making the investment value when buying into our project much stronger.

Outside of technical utility, we believe project success also has a huge dependancy on it’s community. With so many projects coming about now, we’ve seen a rise in rugpulls and projects that flop even with good artwork because they haven’t given enough attention to their community.

We are going to invest heavily back into the community that supports our project, with great incentives for owning our artwork and being an active community member.

  • Fun and interactive NFT project on the Cardano Blockchain
  • Amazing roadmap with unique utility including mutation and gamification
  • Clown club, purse dividend payouts, perks, raffles and prizes
  • Great incentives for owning our artwork and being an active community member